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Cross-Reference Tip Sheet:  This sheet is for Internal Use Only


Created with you in mind, this tool is an easy way to convert customers from competitive ostomy products to Hollister products, making your work in the field more efficient and streamlined.  It is for Internal Use Only. 

Cross Reference URLs:   


AccentCare: (indicates if Hollister product matches are on the AccentCare formulary):

Tip #1: Using the Search Box

The “Search” box, located near the top of the screen, appears as a white empty box.  Here’s how to use this feature:

  • Manually enter competitive product numbers into the search box.  If entering multiple numbers, they must be separated by a comma.
  • Product numbers can be cut and pasted from a spreadsheet.  If you choose this method, the tool automatically enters the commas.


After the competitive product numbers are in the “Search” box, click the “Search Button” and the Hollister product match(es) appear in the “Results” box below.  Potentially, two options will appear, Hollister ceramide match and Hollister non-ceramide match.  You will then have the option to make the best choice for your customer.


Tip #2:  Exporting Searches

If you’d like to export the results of your search to an excel spreadsheet, click the “Export to Excel” red button which appears above the “Results” box.  


Tip #3: Uploading a spreadsheet for a multiple product number search

Located under the search box, the “Upload Excel Sheet” link allows you to find and upload a file on your computer. After the upload is complete, your Hollister matches should appear in the “Results” box.  You can then export the results to an excel spreadsheet.

Note: The spreadsheet you’re uploading should only have the competitive product numbers listed in the first column. There should be no other information on the spreadsheet as that impacts the functionality of the search.   

Tip #4: Downloading an example spreadsheet

The “Download Example Excel Sheet” button is an example of what your spreadsheet should look like before uploading for a search.

Contacts - Lisa Marsek: For questions on tool functionality; Marina Cervantes for product questions or updates.